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More than 9 months of lock down due to COVID 19 has paused life of individual. Schools, Colleges and Institutions were closed for long period. In few states it is still closed. Students were glued to computers and smartphones. They really missed their regular classes. E-Learning has been a challenging task for students. Specially who were preparing for their boards. Therefore, CBSE has reduced 30% of syllabus from every subject. Just to help champs like you, I have decided to write blog to update you all with latest changes, reduced syllabus, sample papers and different study material.

At last, I just want to wish you “GOOD LUCK”.

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Tips & Tricks to crack Board Exam

Hey Guys,

This year has been tough for everyone. Specially for the kids like you preparing for their boards. It become very difficult when you find there is little time to cope up with huge syllabus. At this moment you feel the need of helping hand to relieve from this stress. On internet you will find various information on Tips & Tricks for cracking board exams. Here I am sharing a link of an article published in Times Of India newspaper. I find it little informative and useful. 

Times Of India Article   Top Study Tips for CBSE Boards: How to Crack CBSE 2021

In my blog i try my best to collect useful information to help you with preparation of board exams.  But actual hard work is your. Just remember these few month hard work is going to reflect throughout your life in form of a piece of paper called mark-sheet. It doesn’t mean you take stress. Just manage your time judiciously. Whenever you feel stress just talk to your friends, listen to the music. But main focus should be on preparing for boards.

Just Give Your Best,

     GOD will do the Rest.

May GOD bless you.

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Date Sheet of Class 10

Hey Champs,

At last your wait is over. CBSE has released class 10 date sheet for Board Exams 2020-21. This session for all kids has been challenging. Specially for the kids appearing board exams. No regular classes, No doubt sessions, No Friends ,- whole day  only mobile, tabs and laptop. But champs are always champs. I am sure you all might have prepared yourself very well even in this adverse situation. So champs accept my heartiest best wishes for your exams. Just remember one thing ”  Give Your Best & Rest Leave On God “

CBSE Date Sheet Class 10 Board Exam 2021

Removed Syllabus For Class 10 CBSE Board Exams 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has opened up to 30 percent of the Class 10 curriculum for the current 2020-2021 academic session. The council decided to reduce the curriculum to reduce the course load for students in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. Only the portion removed should be considered for purposes of the 2021 Annual Board Review

CBSE Board Deleted Topics for classes 9 &  10

CBSE Board Marking Scheme for class 10

Hey Guys, Sample Papers for you

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the CBSE Sample Papers for the Board Exam for Grade 10 2021. With the aim of providing an overview of the actual exam pattern, CBSE has officially published the CBSE Sample Papers of 10 Class for all subjects. Marking chart and answer key are also available for each sheet. Sample papers are designed according to the revised curriculum. At the start of the 2020-21 academic session, the board reduced the CBSE Class 10 curriculum by 30% due to the spread of the Coronavirus disease. These sample papers are based on the latest revised curriculum. Sample question papers are a helpful resource for CBSE Class 10 students.

Students should practice the Sample papers. After completing the CBSE Grade 10  sample papers, students will be capable enough to tackle the challenging exam questions. Doing so will improve the confidence level of students and provide them with good practice.

Hey Friends,

Here in this section of blog i am going to take a tour to sample papers of CBSE guide.It will give you an idea regarding  CBSE Board papers. These sample papers are very useful while doing combined study. The best way is, sit with your friends and discuss the paper in healthy environment. Sit with a notebook and pen. Note down the key points discussed. Enjoy  Happy Studying. Always remember, Work Hard  Today,  For Better Tomorrow.

CBSE Sample Paper of Hindi Course A

CBSE Sample Paper of Hindi Course B

CBSE Sample Paper of English

CBSE Sample Paper of Mathematics Basic

CBSE Sample Paper of Mathematics Standard

CBSE Sample Paper of Science

CBSE Sample Paper of Social Science

CBSE Sample Paper of Computer Application

CBSE Sample Paper for Punjabi

CBSE Sample Paper for Home Science

English Question Bank

CBSE has prepared  Resources of English Language and Literature for Class X. Exemplar questions from each chapter of both the books have been prepared. These exemplar questions are for the  question number 3,4,10,11,12, and 13 of the Sample Question Paper 2020-21 and have been numbered accordingly.

Study Material For Class 10 English


Study Helpline

Study Helpline

Hey Friends,

This Pandemic Year has been very difficult for students specially appearing for board exam. Parents and school teachers tried their best to make children comfortable with their studies. Even some schools have completed their syllabus somewhere in October and focused on revision of syllabus. CBSE board also have reduced syllabus upto 30%, so students don’t feel burdened. Just to make it more easier Chandigarh education department have made a panel of  17 teachers to help students in their last moment studies. You can clear your doubts of any subject telepathically. if you feel stress , there is a counselor available. So guys feel free to call them but between 3 pm to 7 pm. They will be pleased to help you out. 

All The Best.  God Bless You.

Happy Studying. 

Some English Tips to score better

Hey Guys,

Here i bring some useful videos created by very talented and dedicated teacher Abha Mohan. Who is a very famous and renowned teacher in St. John’s High School, Chandigarh. Go through these. It is really going to help you clear your doubts and prepare in right direction for your English exam. All The Best. 

How to Score Maximum Marks in Class 10 English Board Exam 2021|Tips for class 10 English preparation

How to find Rhyme Scheme of a Poem | Class 10 English all poems

Fire And Ice Poem | CBSE Class 10 English | Full Explanation by Aabha Mohan

Dust of Snow Poem By Robert Frost| Full Explanation| Class 10 English|by Aabha Mohan

Tiger in the Zoo|Full Explanation of Poem|Class 10 English|By Aabha Mohan

Amanda Poem Class 10 English | Full Explanation by Aabha Mohan|Cbse First Flight Book English Poem

Tale of Custard the Dragon Class 10 English Poem||Summary and Explanation||By Aabha Mohan

Tips for Paragraph Writing||Analytical paragraph tips||Class 10 English Writing task

Animals Class 10 English||Poem 7||Full Explanation in English||Animals poem by Walt Whitman

For more such interesting and informative videos please visit to her blog